THE warm spring weather made everyone at the 'winter' Flyers Tournament on Sunday realise we are not far away from the start of the 2016 season.

This week’s winner was Gladstone's Joe Edwards who beat Port Sunlight Village and Works’ Nick Woodward in the final.

Edwards has been the most consistent performer since Christmas and this win has given him a clear lead at the top of the points table.

In the quarter-finals Edwards had a decisive win over the winner of the previous week's tournament, John Harrison, who plays for New Brighton Quarry Vikings.

He then followed this with another commanding win over Upton Victory Hall’s Tony Cavanagh.

Meanwhile, Woodward, showing great determination and no little skill, had fought his way to two very close wins, both 21-20, firstly over John Hignett Jnr (Gladstone) and then the winner from three weeks ago, Paul Roberts, who plays for the Hawksbury Club in North Wales.

The final was again close but Edwards generally held the upper hand and sealed the win.


T Cavanagh (Upton Victory Hall) 21, P McBride (Port Sunlight V&W) 10; J Edwards (Gladstone) 21, J Harrison (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 09; P Roberts (Hawksbury) 21, A Penlington (Broughton) 13; N Woodward (Port Sunlight V&W) 21, J Hignett Jnr (Gladstone) 20.

Semi-finals: Edwards 21, Cavanagh 11; Woodward 21, Roberts 20.

Final: Edwards 21, Woodward 16.

Birkenhead and District Parks are holding their annual race night on Saturday, March 26, at the Lyceum Club, Port Sunlight Village.

Tickets are £2 and can be bought from any member of the committee or by contacting Tom Raybould on

There will be no bowls report for the next two weeks