DESPITE the early rain and wind there was a reasonably good turnout at the Winter Flyers Tournament on Sunday.

This week Lever’s Joe Edwards took his second win of this series when he beat New Brighton Quarry Viking’s Eddie Dutton in the final, writes Bill Atkinson.

When Tixall’s Jamie Fitzpatrick, the winner of six of the last seven tournaments, came back to win from being well down to John Harrison in his quarte- final game it looked odds-on that he could take yet another victory.

His opponent in the semi-final, Eddie Dutton, clearly had other ideas and he beat Fitzpatrick in a close contest to go through to the final.

For Dutton it was his second excellent win of the day as he had already proved to be too good for Tixall’s Mick Andrews in the quarters.

Joe Edwards had fairly comfortably beaten Cammell Laird’s Frank Leech in the quarters but he then only just struggled home in the semi-finals against Nick Woodward, who plays for Port Sunlight Village and Works.

The final was close but Edwards came through to give himself a big boost up the points table.


Quarter-finals: E Dutton (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 21, Mick Andrews (Tixall) 15; J Fitzpatrick (Tixall) 21, J Harrison (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 17; J Edwards (Levers) 21, F Leech (Cammell Lairds) 10; N Woodward (Port Sunlight Village and Works) 21, C Portis (Levers) 17.

Semi-finals: Dutton 21, Fitzpatrick 18; Edwards 21, Woodward 19.

Final: Edwards 21, Dutton 17.