THE TV quiz show Pointless returned this week.

It is based on a pre-conducted survey of 100 members of the public on various subject matters.

This must have inspired the council's research team for their spanking new publication Wirral View.

A newspaper they claim, that isn't a newspaper!

But they still boast "it's 'your publication'."

By the way, a dictionary definition of 'view' means "the ability to see something or to be seen from a particular place."

Ah, that explains it.

But surely every tax-paying resident should have been consulted if they wanted to have such a publication and not just take the views of a mini-poll among a thousand Wirral folk.

Why wasn't there a proper in-depth survey to every household establishing what would be in the paper and what would not?

Now they have gone ahead regardless despite being warned it breaks the Government guidelines that council publications should be published quarterly.

Wirral View (sounds like a guest house, oops, shouldn't give them ideas) will, they say, be distributed monthly.

Admirably it is printed on recycled newsprint but that doesn't mean they have to give us all recycled news.

Why not save money and cash-strapped resources and just publish it on line?

That's how I read the first edition.

This is a newspaper (no matter how much they argue) I have seen their letter to businesses that offers 'competitive' ad rates - but who are they competing against?

Is Wirral View pointless?

Judge for yourself and soak in Phil Citizen Kane Davie's quote: "This publication isn't a newspaper.

"It won't carry important information you need to know immediately."

Why not?

What next from the public relations think tank? Council-funded Wirral TV?

In an age of 3D cinema, each publication should come with a pair of rose-tinted spectacles.

*** *** *** ***

AS we await the bitter sweet fruits of Brexit, I can reveal that Merseyside has always wanted to go it alone.

Back in 1977 I reviewed a play called Scouse - A Comedy of Terrors at the Everyman Theatre.

Written by Andrew Cullen it was highly-praised by Alan Bleasdale.

It focused on Liverpool becoming a Republic.

Since then we have had Brick Up the Mersey Tunnel about Wirral independence.

The much-awaited sequel arrives at the Royal Court in the New Year.

Now the Lantern Theatre Company have revived Scouse and it will play at the St George's Hall from December.

To promote the show the crew went on a walkabout in Liverpool asking for opinions.

Many thought it was real ... even wondering if we we would get our own currency.

How easy it is to fool the public with pre-packaged spin and propaganda.

I suggest our candidates for Metro Mayor should watch both productions for 'research purposes'.

*** *** *** ***

HOT off The Screen...indeed.

I have just seen a preview of Raymond Briggs' new film Ethel and Ernest.

The graphic novelist has come up with a modern masterpiece.

It tells the true story of his own parents who lived through the depression, World War Two and the birth of the NHS and Raymond.

The soundtrack features a song by Paul McCartney In The Blink of an Eye and a song from Paul's dad Jim, called Walking in the Park with Elosie. Both stunning.

It is a beautiful poignant film that celebrates every mum and dad and they sacrifice's made and still made.

I interviewed Raymond 20 years ago now, at 82, the creator of the classic Snowman book and film seems to be getting better with talent dripping from his fingers.

My Inferno must-see film of the year.

*** *** *** ***

AND finally...farewell, spin in peace, Wirral wonder Pete Burns who proudly called himself Freak Unique.

I first met him in Probe Records in the '70s.

He was flamboyant and compulsive viewing sporting the most bizarre clothes and make-up.

People would go to the shop to be insulted by him in a very funny way.

He once criticised my choice of music and then pulled my dress sense to bits.

Years later when he was a pop star and I was a music journalist he was sporting black contact lenses and he looked me up and down and said ... '' still wearing naff suits, I see.''

He was the Karma Chameleon years before Boy George.

Following the death of Herbert Howe and now Pete another Magical Mersey light has gone out.

Peter Grant