THE Environment Agency has issued a flood warning for parts of Wirral following a day of continuous rain.

Residents living near the Riveracre Brook in Great Sutton have been given a flood warning meaning that flooding is expected and immediate action is needed.

People living on Farmers Heath Road, Spinney Drive, Ascot Drive and Chase Way, Regal Close and Oliver Lane have been told they could be at risk.

The Environment Agency has also issued a flood alert for parts of Heswall, Ellesmere Port, Bebington, Hoylake and Wallasey due to possible problems with the rivers Birkett, Riveracre, Arrowbrook, Fender and Dibbinsdale.

Residents living those areas are told that flooding is “possible” and they should “be prepared.”

Who to call?

Flooding from main rivers (e.g Fender, Birkett, etc) and sea Call the Environment Agency Floodline 0845 9881188,

Public drains and sewers The responsibility for cleansing and maintaining all public drains and sewers rests with United Utilities 0845 746 2200, or Welsh Water 08000853968,

Flooding from private drains, land drains and watercourses The land owner.

Highway flooding Wirral Council 0151 606 2004, Other useful contacts