A SINGLE mum has received an apology from her social landlords after she battled for two years to have essential repairs made to her home.

Toni Climo, from Bidston, noticed problems such as damp and excessive mould soon after she moved in in 2010.

And as a result, she says her six-month-old daughter Poppy has been admitted to hospital several times with chest infections and breathing difficulties.

However after regular telephone calls to landlord Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH), Toni is still waiting for work to be done at the house.

The 22-year-old, who also has a two-year-old daughter, Lily-Mae, said: “It wasn’t long after I moved in that the problems started.

"The damp was coming through in the hall and the living room. They came out but then I heard nothing until months and months later – they said they wanted to send someone out on the due date of my second child which I obviously couldn’t make.

“At one point the mould was so bad that Lily-Mae was actually picking it off the wall and trying to put it in her mouth.

"But when I told Wirral Partnership Homes about this, they said I should keep her out of that room – but how am I supposed to keep a toddler out of the hallway?

“Poppy has been in and out of hospital since she was born because the damp is going onto her chest and making her ill. I can’t believe nothing has been done yet when it is clearly affecting a child’s health.”

When Toni originally approached the Globe in March, WPH said they had arranged for work to be carried out in the near future.

But four weeks later, action has yet to be taken and Toni is still waiting for information.

She added: “I’m really worried about Poppy’s chest as she is coughing like mad and it is not fair. I am disgusted with how they have behaved and they have left me here with two children and no updates.

“I am ringing them every day but am getting nowhere – I just want answers.”

A WPH spokesman said: “A manager from building services visited Ms Climo in March. "However, the works to address issues of damp have not yet begun. This has been a fault on our part and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. “We have spoken to Ms Climo today and given assurance that a full investigation will be carried out tomorrow morning at 9.15am. "This will involve removing a section of the skirting boards to assess any damp. Ms Climo will be kept updated throughout the process and advised when the works are likely to begin. “Dependant on the remedial works, it is likely that there will be no need for Ms Climo to move to a different property while work is carried out, as disruption will be kept to a minimum. “We would again like to apologise to Ms Climo for the delay.”