A NEW music festival celebrating the best in emerging talent will be staged at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton later this year.

The inaugural Astral Coast showcase will be held on July 21.

Its organisers are looking for the most exciting new artists to share the festival stage with some of the hottest breakthrough acts in the UK.

The only stipulation is that bands must have at least two members aged eighteen or under, and live in Wirral.

The festival represents the coming together of Liverpool-based music magazine Bido Lito!, Wallasey-based mental health support hub The Open Door Centre and The Floral Pavilion Theatre.

As well as the freshest music across two stages, Astral Coast will announce a full festival programme of DJs, fairground rides and stalls, a vintage clothes market, pop-up attractions, chill out zones and special giveaways!

Bido Lito! Editor - and New Brighton resident Craig G Pennington said: "We're thrilled to be involved with the festival and are looking forward to helping discover the area's next great musical visionaries.

"The Wirral has a long history of producing era-defining new music, and that music only ever comes from our youth.

"The festival will champion and support our emerging bands, while providing an amazing party for everyone in the process."

Kate Carpenter, The Floral Pavilion’s commercial director said: "We have the perfect building in a great beach location and we want as many people through the doors as will fit on July 21.

"The Floral isn't visited by enough young people. This we want to change and believe Astral Coast could prove a catalyst.

"We also believe that it is important to support up and coming artists and provide them with a professional performance platform engendering respect for their music and the opportunity to share this with a wider audience.

"We will be working closely with The Open Door Centre and Bido Lito! to ensure this event becomes an annual highlight!"

Lee Pennington, managing director of The Open Door Centre, said of the centre's involvement in the festival: "We are involved with Astral Coast in a move to get mental health issues into the consciousness of young people in the area.

“Music is universal and being involved with the festival will allow us a platform to engage with young people and take mental health out of the backwaters and GP waiting rooms, whilst breaking some stigmas and preconceptions along the way.

“Wirral has not seen an event like Astral Coast in many years, outside of council led and 'parent run' initiatives.

“This project is being led by people from the local area with purely positive aims and a vested interest in the good of New Brighton and Wirral at large.”

Full details are from astralcoast.co.uk, see website in related links section.