MULTI-MILLION pound plans to build an International Trade Centre at the borough's docklands appear to have the backing of Wirral people.

The development company behind the scheme says a survey carried out during an exhibition saw 100% support.

Those in favour said they believed the plans would lead to job creation, new investment for the area and the scheme would act as a “catalyst” for the main Wirral Waters project.

Popular reasons for supporting the ITC included job creation, new investment for the area and suggestions that the scheme would act as a “catalyst” for the main Wirral Waters project.

Lindsey Ashworth, a director of development group Peel, said: “We have been holding public exhibitions for our Wirral projects since 2007 to ensure local people are kept informed and involved as we move projects through the planning system, which is a very long-winded and complicated process for schemes of this magnitude.

"We all want to see buildings appear on site, but we have to be patient as the economy needs to be stronger and more positive before businesses will take space in new premises.”

The Trade Centre will comprise four separate multi-level buildings totalling around 2.5m square feet of floor space.

The buildings are likely to be phased over the next ten years and it is expected that first-phase building construction will start as early as next year.

The centre will enable more than 1,000 companies from countries such as China, India, South Korea and other emerging economies, to exhibit, sell, assemble and distribute goods into the UK, Irish and European markets.

Peel says the facility will be the first of its kind in the UK and the largest and most sustainable wholesale Trade Centre in Europe.

Ms Ashworth added: "Business relations overseas particularly with China have been moving forward at a rapid pace and the Peel International Trade Centre has attracted huge interest and hoped will be the catalyst to help kick-start the regeneration of the main Wirral Waters and Liverpool Waters projects.”

The Peel Group is hoping to submit an outline planning application to Wirral Council in September Both Liverpool and Wirral Waters given "Enterprise Zone" status by the Govenment in April, giving the sites many advantages including tax breaks for businesses and ultra-high speed internet access.