FACE THE MUSIC: A band member involved in a traffic accident after playing at a pub faced the music at Wirral Magistrates' Court.

James Anthony Crowden, 28, of Regents Close, Thingwall, admitted drink-driving at Barnston in January.

A blood test showed he had drank more than double the legal alcohol level.

Prosecutor Amanda Cullen told how Crowden was involved in a head on collision with two vehicles in Station Road, Barnston, at 1am.

His car ended up on its roof and he was seriously injured.

He was later questioned at Arrowe Park Hospital by police.

He could not explain why he lost control of his vehicle.

He said he remembered crossing to the wrong lane but nothing else. He remained in hospital for several days.

Gerald Pachter, defending, said Crowden was frank and honest over the matter and was complimented by the police for it.

The night had cost him dearly.

His own car was written-off and he had been off work as a mechanic ever since. He was also facing a lengthy driving disqualification.

Mr Pachter said Crowden was surprised at the high alcohol reading.

He only had two pints of lager on the night but had had a lot to drink when celebrating a friend’s birthday the previous night.

Magistrates were told damage to one of the cars Crowden hit was put at £9,000 and to the other £1,000.

Crowden, who had a previous drink-driving conviction in 2006, was given a nine-month supervision order to include attending a drink-impaired driver programme.

He was banned from driving for three years and must pay £85 costs.


DRUGS DISCOVERED: A small amount of cannabis bush and traces of cocaine were found in a bedroom after police carried out a search warrant at a Hoylake address.

Samual Nathan Battersby, 20, of Trinity Road, admitted unlawful possession of the controlled drugs in March when he appeared before magistrates.

He had earlier been cautioned over a drugs matter, the court was told.

Andy Slight, defending, said Battersby fully co-operated over the matter. The drugs were for his own use.

Battersby was fined £100 and must also pay £100 costs. The drugs seized were forfeited.


KICKED DOWN DOOR: A 34-year-old man who kicked down the door at his partner’s home when very drunk told Magistrates he had no excuse for his behaviour.

John David Keenan, of Fox Street, Birkenhead, admitted causing damage put at £300 to the door in Exmouth Way, Birkenhead.

He said the relationship had been volatile.

He was fined £100 plus £100 costs and also had to pay £100 towards compensation.


CANNABIS FINE: Cannabis was found when police carried out a search at a Noctorum address.

Shaun Anthony Lay, 22,of Pleasington Close, admitted unlawful possession of the drug when he faced magistrates.

The court heard Lay tested negative for drugs after his arrest. He was fined £65 and must also pay £100 costs.


DRUNK AND DISORDELY: A woman arrested for drunkenness was found to have cannabis in her possession when she was searched at the custody suite, magistrates were told.

Katherine Louise O’Toole, 40, of Harrowby Road, Wallasey, admitted being drunk and disorderly and also unlawful possession of a controlled drug.

Andy Slight, defending, said O’Toole accepted her behaviour was out of order. He said she forgot she had the cannabis in her pocket.

She was not a regular user.

Magistrates fined O’Toole £100 plus £100 costs.


NOT GUILTY PLEA: A woman aged 26 and a teenager appeared before magistrates for alleged witness intimidation.

Corinne Lorraine Sones, of Hoole Road, Woodchurch, and the youth, aged 17, from Moreton, pleaded not guilty and were bailed until May 23 for trial.

They are charged with being verbally abusive towards a woman witness at Moreton in March intending to intimidate and intending to cause the course of justice to be obstructed.