ASSAULT AND THREATS CHARGES: Wirral Magistrates bailed a Wallasey man to allow the probation service to complete a pre-sentence report.

Robert James Bowe, 35, of Naples Road, Wallasey, had earlier pleaded guilty to a racially-aggravated charge of using threatening behaviour in Laird Street, Birkenhead, in May, and also assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty.

* * *

GIRL HEAD-BUTTED TEEN: A teenage girl head-butted a colleague and also pulled her hair during an argument, Wirral Magistrates were told.

Prosecutor Alan Currums said 19-year-old Kerry Littler later apologised for her behaviour.

Littler, of Sandridge Road, Wallasey, admitted bodily harm assault on a girl aged 15 who suffered injury to her eye, face and nose.

Littler denied any kicking and this was accepted by the prosecution.

Sarah Ferguson for Littler said the offence was down to drunkenness.

Littler’s friend upset her and she went over the top. It was not a nice thing and should never have happened. She realised she had caused the victim pain and distress.

Magistrates suspended for 12 months a period of eight weeks in custody.

A supervision order included a condition to attend an alcohol choices and change programme.

Littler must pay £85 costs and £250 compensation to her victim.

* * *

USED LOCKING KNIFE: A 48-year-old man used a locking knife to cut free a secured item for sale at Tesco at Bidston, Wirral Magistrates heard.

Michael Samuel Purnell faced the court for what he described as "five minutes of stupidity."

Purnell, of Aspinall Street, Birkenhead, admitted theft of headphones worth £39 belonging to Tesco, damaging headphone packaging to the value of £59 and possessing the knife without good reason.

Purnell told police he used the knife at work and just happened to have it on him at the time.

Magistrates granted a 12-month conditional discharge and Purnell had to pay £85 costs. He said he had since paid a £210 bill sent to him by Tesco.

* * *

BURGLED MOTHER'S HOME: A teenager thrown out of home by his mother later burgled the premises, Wirral Magistrates heard.

Daniel William Shaw, 18, staying at Bridge Street, Birkenhead, admitted entering a hone in Helsby Avenue, Eastham, and stealing televisions and other property in September.

Magistrates kept all sentencing options open when asking for a probation report. Shaw was bailed for three weeks.

* * *

SENT TO CROWN COURT: Two women appeared before Wirral Magistrates on charges of acting to pervert the course of justice.

Faye Catherine Sinnott, 32, of Bridle Close, Birkenhead, and Olive Lightfoot,61, of Home Farm Road, Woodchurch, were sent to the Crown Court.

They were bailed to face a judge in November.

Lightfoot is charged with making a written statement of evidence to the police with intent to pervert the course of justice in September.

Sinnott is charged with making a report to the police which was untrue and asking another person to make an untrue statement.

She also faces allegations of driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident on August 27 at Home Farm Road.

Both are due to face a judge on November 4 at the higher court.

* * *

ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS: Wirral Magistrates bailed a Liverpool woman when sending her for Crown Court trial.

Summary trial was denied for Clare Patricia Perry,36, of Maldon Close, Liverpool, on a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm at Old Wood Road, Pensby, last May.

Perry will appear before a judge next month.

* * *

NOT GUILTY PLEA: Richard Allen, 41, of Manor Road, Irby, pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Wirral Magistrates on allegations of careless driving, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident near his home in August.

The matters were adjourned to a later date for evidence to be called.

* * *