THREAT ALLEGATIONS: Wirral Magistrates declined to deal summarily with a 41-year-old man facing threats allegations.

Michael Boylan of Atherton Street, Wallasey, was conditionally bailed until May 17 for committal proceedings.

He is charged with using or threatening unlawful violence at Marine Promenade, New Brighton in January and also making a threat to a woman to kill her.

He must keep away from all witnesses and the promenade whilst on bail.


KNUCKLE DUSTER CHARGE: Gary David Bastow, 41, of Stringhey Road, Wallasey, pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Wirral Magistrates charged with possessing a knuckle duster without authority or reasonable excuse in Cavendish Street, Birkenhead in mid February.

He was remanded on bail for evidence to be called on May 6.


DRUNK WHILE IN CHARGE OF CHILD: Wirral Magistrates imposed a 12-month supervision order on an Upton man.

Brian Peter Dawson, 34, of Salacre Crescent, appeared for sentence after earlier being convicted of being found drunk at Heswall while having charge of a child under the age of seven.

He was found guilty after trial. The supervision includes attending an alcohol choices and change programme.

Dawson had to pay £200 towards court costs.


DRUG SUPPLY CHARGE: Committal proceedings against a Wirral woman were postponed by magistrates to allow her solicitor to go through papers served late by the prosecution.

Michelle Jones,26, of Knutsford Green, Moreton, is charged with being concerned in supplying diamorphine and cocaine at Moreton in June last year.

Bail was granted until after Easter.


BAILED IN ABSENCE: Magistrates bailed a 25-year-old man in his absence.

Brian William Phillips, of Ackers Road, Woodchurch, was due in court for committal proceedings but the magistrates were heard he had been called to give evidence in a case at Liverpool Crown Court.

Phillips is charged with bodily harm assault a woman at Prenton on Boxing Day.


ALREADY IN JAIL: The prosecution at Wirral Magistrates Court withdrew a charge of being drunk and disorderly against a Hoylake man after hearing he was presently serving a prison term.

Paul Richard Clinton, 23, of George Road, was arrested for the alleged offence at West Kirby at the end of February and was jailed later on another matter.


POLICE FOUND DRUGS: Cannabis and MDMA tablets were found on a 27-year-old man questioned by the police after he was ejected from a Birkenhead night club.

Lee Jackson admitted unlawful possession of the controlled drugs when he faced magistrates.

He told police he bought the tablets for £5 and the cannabis was on him when he left home.

Jackson, who was living in Pemberton Road, Woodchurch, at the time said he was now staying at Fishers Lane, Pensby. He was fined £100 and had to pay £100 costs.


ACCUSED OF ASSAULT ON WPC: Wirral Magistrates bailed two young men until May 6 for trial.

William Warrington, 21, of Annesley Road, Wallasey, denied being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a Woman Police Constable in the execution of her duty at Birkenhead in February.

Martin Brophy,19, of Brimstage Road, Liverpool denied being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest.


DRANK FIVE PINTS: A motorist who crashed into parked vehicles told police it happened when he was distracted talking to a passenger.

Colin Rees, 39, of Newell Road, Wallasey, pleaded guilty to drink-driving when he appeared before magistrates.

He said he had drank five pints and thought he was all right to drive. A test showed 93 microgrammes of alcohol.

Rees was fined £600 plus £100 costs and was banned from driving for two years. He was offered a course which if completed successfully will lower the disqualification by six months.