MAN STOLE DRINK: A 24-year-old man said to have acted out of character appeared before Wirral Magistrates for shoplifting.

Christopher Stephen Kelly of Thorburn Road, New Ferry, pleaded guilty to taking drink worth £10 from Summerfields at Bebington on December 7.

He was fined £100 and had to also pay £65 costs.


ASSAULT CHARGE: Wirral Magistrates bailed a teenager until February to arrange for evidence to be called.

Jennifer Elizabeth Hyland, 18, of Old Bidston Road, Birkenhead, is charged with assault by beating last April.

She will return to court on February 26.


DRUNK AND DISORDERLY: Wirral Magistrates imposed a £50 fine on Keith Routledge, 19, of Woodsorrel Road, Birkenhead, when he pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Conway Street, Birkenhead, in early December.

He had to pay £65 costs.


BANK FRAUD: A teenager who tried to get money from an account held by his aunt appeared before Wirral Magistrates.

David Gordon Rose, 19, of Heathmoor Road, Moreton, admitted committing fraud by attempting to cash cheques in the name of Sharon Harpur with intent to obtain £200 in cash in November.

Two cheques of a suspicious nature were stopped after being deposited at the Halifax premises in Moreton and Rose was questioned when he later called in to see if the cheques had been cleared, said prosecutor Lionel Cope.

Andrew Slight for Rose said he was extremely remorseful.

He did not have enough money for Christmas and took cheques belonging to his aunt and attempted to cash them.

Magistrates kept all sentencing options open when bailing Rose until January 27 for reports.


DRUGS ALLEGATION: Jackson Lear, 23, of Briscoe Drive, Moreton, appeared before Wirral Magistrates on allegations of possession of cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply last August.

The defence requested more time to go through committal papers and Lear was bailed for two weeks before the matters are sent to the Crown Court.


DRIVER BAILED: Kveta Chuda, 28, of Elmswood Road, Birkenhead, was bailed by Wirral Magistrates until March 9 for evidence to be called.

She denied failing to provide a specimen for analysis under the Road Traffic Act in early December.


SENT TO CROWN COURT: Gary Seddon, 47, of Guildford Street, Wallasey, was sent for Crown Court trial by District Judge Nick Sanders at Wirral Magistrates Court.

He faces charges of bodily harm assault and common assault on a woman at Wallasey in October and December.

He was bailed to appear at the higher court on January 21 and in the meantime must reside at a Manchester address, make no contact with the complainant and keep out of Wirral.


PUNCHED MOTHER: After words were exchanged a 33-year-old man punched his mother in the face causing a tooth to be knocked out, prosecutor Lionel Cope told Wirral Magistrates.

Neville Douglas Gray of Corporation Road, Birkenhead pleaded guilty to bodily harm assault on Linda Gosling.

Gray told police he pushed his mother away after an argument and he may have made contact with her face.

In court he said he wished the day had never happened. He claimed he was back on good terms with his mother.

Magistrates bailed him until January 27 to obtain a pre-sentence probation report.


NOT GUILTY PLEA: Lesley Carol Hodgin,33, of Sidney Road, Birkenhead, was bailed until March 1st for trial by Wirral Magistrates.

She faces allegation of theft of a cheque book at Birkenhead in June and also to matters of stealing a total of £600 cash belonging to the same complainant at Abbey National in Grange Road, Birkenhead.

She entered pleas of not guilty.


DAMAGE CHARGE: District Judge Nick Sanders at Wirral Magistrates Court bailed a teenager to allow his solicitor time to check through committal papers.

Peter Jones, 19, of Chatsworth Road, Birkenhead, faces an allegation of entering premises in Mulberry Road, Birkenhead in August with intent to cause damage.

He was bailed for two weeks and must keep away from Mulberry Road.


CASH CARD ACCUSATION: Emma Poynton-Frost, 39, of Rake Hey, Moreton, was sent to the Crown Court by District Judge Nick Sanders at Wirral Magistrates Court.

She elected jury trial on allegations of theft of a Post Office cash card in August and also making a false representation to make a gain of £130.

She was bailed to face a judge at the higher court later in the year.


HEROIN FOUND: Police found a wrap of heroin when they attended at a New Ferry address.

Tracy Birks, 44, of Thorburn Road, admitted unlawful possession of the controlled drug when she faced Wirral Magistrates.

She told police she intended to smoke the drug.

The magistrates heard about health problems suffered by Birks and agreed because of the extenuating circumstances to grant her a 12-month conditional discharge. Birks had to pay £50 costs.


HELPED ACCOMPLICE: A 29-year-old man was eventually detained after a cashier at an Iceland store in Birkenhead was told he and another had been seen stealing gammon joints, Wirral Magistrates heard.

Christopher John Brunt, of Stanley Road, Birkenhead, admitted theft of joints worth £60.

Tessa Hinder, defending, said Brunt had helped an accomplice commit the offence and did not realise he was just as guilty.

Brunt must serve 50 hours of unpaid work. He had to pay £85 costs and £30 towards compensation.

A co-accused failed to turn up at court and his case will be dealt with later.