A WOMAN from Eastham feared for her sight after she was bitten by a dog in a supermarket carpark.

Christine Mowles, pictured, is warning readers about the dangers of stroking strange dogs following the incident, which occured outside Asda’s store in Bromborough on October 6.

That day Mrs Mowles was shopping with her daughter Irene when she noticed a Weimaraner dog, called Jess, sitting in the back seat of a car next to hers and asked the owner, who was sitting in driver’s seat, if she could stroke it.

When the 61-year-old put her head in the back seat window the dog lunged forward and bit her on the right eye. Irene called for help and staff from the store came to her mother’s aid.

Mrs Mowles was then taken by ambulance to Arrowe Park Hospital and later the Countess of Chester Hospital for emergency surgery on the eye, which doctors feared would have to be taken out.

There was a lot of brusing around the socket.

Mrs Mowles, who has a six-year-old dog of the same breed called Holly, told the Globe: “After it happened I couldn’t see a thing and there was no pain for about three hours when the painkillers began to wear off. I’ve never seen so much blood.

“It was scary, because doctors said the lens had been ripped out and told me that my eye would probably have to come out. But, thankfully, later on they realised the damage was not as bad as they had first thought.” Police were called to the scene but because Jess is not classed as dangerous, no action was taken against the dog or its owner.

Mrs Mowles said: “I can’t put all of the blame on the dog or its owner, because I think I was partly to blame for putting my head in through the window and had probably startled Jess. I’ve since heard that it could have been a rescue dog.

“The staff from Asda were brilliant. They have been in touch to see how I am and even sent me a get well card. The dog’s owners were very concerned and asked my daughter for my phone number.”