Girls at Prenton High School took the Carbon Challenge earlier this week to find out how green their school is.

Students found how they can help save the planet on Tuesday when the Carbon Challenge road show, which is part of BP's Enterprising Science programme, visited school.

The workshop gave the children the opportunity to develop a carbon reduction plans for a fictional Carbon College.'

They were also challenged to develop plans to cut their own school's carbon footprint, and then share their success stories with other schools via the Enterprising Science website

At the launch of the scheme, the government's chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, said: "Enthusing our young people to learn science is our biggest challenge in developing the next generation of great British scientists."

"All the major issues in this century: population increases, diminishing water resources, genetic engineering, require science and technology to deliver the answers.

"This generation will also be on the frontline of further developing the low carbon technologies needed to tackle climate change."

Enterprising Science is designed to inspire teachers and students in the studies of energy, environment, leadership and business skills.