1 Year on 9th August.

My Irene.
You helped everyone to the exclusion of yourself.
In particular your daughters Karen and Sarah,
and your treasured grandchildren Luke and Faye.
A bright shining star has gone out.
Your loving partner, Dave Howe.
x x x

My Beautiful, Caring Mum.
I thought saying goodbye was hard,
but living without you kills me every day.
Not a day goes by without a tear in my eye.
I lost my best friend, my confidant,
and most of all my Mum and
your loving grandchildren’s protector.
We miss you so very much and
wish so deeply you were here
with us and guiding us.
This past 12 months have been the hardest
of our lives and so many challenges faced,
I don’t think we will ever get over losing you.
Loved and missed so very much,
it’s very lonely without you!!
Your devoted daughter Karen and your
adored grandchildren Luke and Faye.
Forever in our hearts.
x x x

In Loving Memory Of My
Dear Mum

Life is not the same without you.
1 year on, it’s hard to believe you’re no longer here.
You were my Mum, so wonderful and dear,
words cannot describe the sadness it brings.
You were a wonderful Mum
in more ways than one,
you were one in a million.
You were loved more than words can say,
as time goes by I miss you more.
I hold you close within my heart
and there you will remain,
to walk with me through life.
Miss you and love you.
Your loving daughter Sarah.
x x x

Wonderful memories of our times together
in Irene’s beloved Llandudno