Karen Howell, chief executive of Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust, writes for the Globe ...

THERE'S been a lot in the news recently about recruiting staff to the NHS.

Here at Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust we're proud to be developing more integrated teams, working in partnership across health and social care and with a greater use of technology.

We are also planning an exciting apprenticeship programme for the coming year, supporting staff development through new vocational learning.

In this week's column we hear from Abbey-Jean Moss, IT apprentice at Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust ...

"I JOINED the trust in October after deciding that the Health and Social Care qualification I had been studying for wasn’t for me.

My heart really lay in IT, but I had felt a calling into health and social care too.

So when I researched apprenticeships and found out that I could combine the two, I knew this was what I wanted to pursue.

The Community Trust's apprenticeship programme would give me the opportunity to learn practical IT skills and gain NHS workplace experience at the same time, all while earning a salary!

My working day starts at 8.30am.

On a typical morning I begin by checking my emails.

Then it might be seeing if there's anything that I need to do on the computer software that our clinicians use (SystmOne) or issuing new community nurses with mobile phones for use when they are out on the road making home visits.

Lunch is normally a soup in the café. Then the afternoon is often time for more training.

There's been a lot to learn, getting to know the trust's policies and procedures around confidentiality and data protection, as well as all the different types of IT software.

At first all the different computer systems seemed lot to take in, but now I feel much more confident.

I've had amazing support from my line managers, mentors and the team as a whole, and I always feel 100% included.

My day finishes at 4.30pm when I get the bus home. In the evenings I like to spend time catching up with family and friends.

Since joining the trust I've been starting to develop my own professional attitude and it's been great to be able to use my own initiative and get on with tasks.

There is always something to do and new challenges to face, which for me makes the job interesting and fun.

There is always an opportunity to interact with managers who listen to my questions and queries and help me understand systems, which enhances my IT skills.

I'm really enjoying the first steps of my career and very thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given, as well as the new friendships I’ve made.

I work alongside a great team that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few months.

Working at the Community Trust is a two way partnership.

Its commitment to apprenticeships is outstanding and I have gained so much confidence already in my new role.

I am really proud to be working here and I'm looking forward to continuous learning and making the most of my apprenticeship."

If you're interested in an NHS apprenticeship visit www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship or www.jobs.nhs.uk