WIRRAL’S MPs have sent their best wishes to the borough’s residents for Christmas and New Year...

Wirral Globe:

Birkenhead MP Frank Field said: "Might I please wish Birkenhead residents a Happy Christmas and a healthy, successful New Year?

"There was one particular source of success for the town in 2017: the opening of our stunning Hive Youth Zone.

"Thousands of children and young people are making the most of this first class facility to have great fun and develop new skills.

"Crucially, the Hive is contributing to the Feeding Birkenhead programme over Christmas by offering disadvantaged children free access to hot meals and activities.

"It is from Feeding Birkenhead that I have drawn a New Year’s resolution for 2018: to win support from the Government for a national programme of free meals and activities throughout every school holiday.

"By extending the gains that have been delivered for children in parts of Birkenhead, to the whole of the town and the country, such a programme would amount to nothing less than a revolutionary moment for children’s life chances. 

"In the run-up to Christmas, a huge number of MPs from all parties have united behind this proposal.

"We’ll find out by the end of January, when it is debated in Parliament, whether the Government intends to pick up the ball and run with it." 

Wirral Globe:

Wirral South MP Alison McGovern said: "I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

"Christmas is a lovely time of year spent with loved ones.

"Reflecting on the last year, I’m thinking about the devastating explosion that happened in New Ferry in March.

"Since the explosion the community has worked hard to rebuild their lives.

"It’s been a very difficult and challenging time.

"I am working alongside the community for the full rebuild to happen for New Ferry in 2018.

"It is important to remember that Christmas can also be a very lonely time of year.

"Tensions in households can rise and finances can be difficult.

"If you are someone who finds this period difficult then please seek the right support from local organisations.

"Thank you to all volunteers who are supporting people this Christmas, and I hope everyone in Wirral has a good rest, and an enjoyable Christmas."

Wirral Globe:

Wallasey MP Angela Eagle told the Globe: "As we reach the end of 2017, I would like to send my best wishes to everyone across Wirral for the festive season and for the year ahead.

"Christmas gives us an opportunity to relax and spend time with our friends and family.

"But it is also a time to be generous with our time and money, and to spare a thought for those that are struggling in modern Britain.

"Cuts to wages and social security are driving more and more people to food banks.

"Homelessness continues to rise. Loneliness and isolation are increasing problems in our society and can be particularly acute at this time of year.

"We have also witnessed a number of tragic events in 2017, including terrorist attacks in London and Manchester and the fire in Grenfell Tower.

"For those who have lost loved ones in 2017 Christmas will be especially difficult, and my thoughts are with them.

"I would also like to thank our public servants in the police, fire, health, armed and local council services who put in such vital work over the Christmas holidays, as well as all the volunteers who give their time to help others over the festive period.

"We all benefit when our communities are strong and when we watch out and care for one another.

"Many happy Christmas tidings to everyone - I hope that you all get some rest and relaxation over the holiday period."

Wirral Globe:

Wirral West MP Margaret Greenwood said: "Christmas is a special time when families and friends come together to celebrate.

"Right across Wirral, churches and communities are sharing the message of hope that is central to the Christmas story.

"The many services and carol concerts, Christmas fairs and grottos bring people together to enjoy the traditional gifts, food, decorations and music that light up cold dark winter days.

"This year the switch-on of Hoylake Christmas lights was a wonderful event, bringing people out to enjoy dancers and singing, hog roast and mulled wine – all funded by local people.

"In Woodchurch Santa was busy at the Hoole Road Hub and the Carr Bridge Centre, meeting local children and handing out presents.

"At Christmas special thought is given to those who may be isolated or vulnerable.

"Charities are working hard to make Christmas a happy time for everyone.

"I would like to wish everyone in Wirral West a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2017."