MERSEY Ferries have signed a ground-breaking deal to make Liverpool John Lennon Airport its first ever sponsorship partner.

This is the first time the Mersey Ferries have had a sponsor.

Flags and posters promoting the airport and its offers have begun to appear at terminals and on vessels including the Royal Iris.

As well as hosting Liverpool John Lennon Airport promotions on the vessels and at ferry terminals, the Mersey Ferries’ popular digital channels, e-newsletters and website will showcase the airport to followers and visitors to the end of 2017 as part of the agreement.

Commercial development executive for Merseytravel said: “This is an incredibly important milestone for the Mersey Ferries.

“Deciding on our first sponsor was always going to be a difficult decision, but we’re so proud that it’s Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

"It means two iconic Merseyside institutions really have come together.

"We’re proud to call the airport a partner of the ferries, and we’d love to see this as the start of an even stronger relationship between our respective organisations.”

Head of marketing and communications at Liverpool John Lennon Airport Amanda Hanlon said: “As far as sponsorship opportunities go, there’s not many as iconic and popular as the famous Mersey Ferries.

“The ferries are a must-do for anyone travelling to or visiting the city from abroad – and with hundreds of thousands of visitors on board every single year, it’s a tremendous partnership for us to explore.

"We’re excited to see where this collaboration with the ferries takes us, but we’re certainly hoping it’s up.”