LIKE many of the Globe readers, I have noticed over the past year, a significant fading of many of the road/street, white markings giving drivers a guide, as to many of expected "road user compliances."

In short, it is now a case of "blind faith" (especially at night) as to the various judgements required, whilst driving on our roads, especially around Birkenhead, and side roads of Birkenhead.

Road markings are an "essential" part of today’s busy vehicle use of those roads.

So why then, are they being aloud to deteriorate and fade into oblivion?

Is this another cost saving exercise by our council leaders?

I shall be noting my concerns to our council/Streetscene.

I suggest Globe readers do the same, and will await their reply.

Remember road health and safety saves incidents and lives.

Conscientious driver, Prenton.