I WOULD suggest people get together to hire a mini-bus or share taxis during the bus strike, if that's possible.

The drivers know how much they would be paid before they took the job as does everyone.

The strike is supposed to be about all depots being on the same pay.

As this must have been known for quite a while.

Why have they waited until now?

This strike must have been planned ages ago. We would like to know why now?

Could they write or talk to the Globe with the answers please?

It is the people who need to use the buses that are suffering because of this.

What gives the unions the right to upset our lives?

Everyone agrees they have 'overstepped the mark' by striking on the main days in the run-up to Christmas.

The season is a religious time and for children, not strikes.

They should remember the saying ‘peace on earth and goodwill to men’, not strikes.

Money seems to mean more to the strikers than the above.

They are turning down £14 an hour, what for?

How much do they want?

We’d be interested to know as it concerns us.

All buses and stops should have large posters up informing people of the strike dates, as some don’t get the papers or have internet, etc.

How are pensioners, etc, supposed to get to a Post Office or bank for their pension money, etc?

These hard-hearted unions don’t seem at all bothered.

Just in case they have forgotten, bus users help to pay their wages.

This is written on behalf of some people who don't like to write or give names and addresses, but they are 'put out' by the strikes.

P Griffiths, Leasowe