CHILDREN at a Wirral school were given valuable lessons on why people wear poppies in the run up to this weekend's Remembrance Sunday services.

Representatives from Military Style Eucation (MSE) delivered a Remembrance Day school assembly at Leasowe Primary School.

During the session, pupils were taught the importance of Remembrance Sunday, what the red poppy means and why people wear them.

They also learned how poppies are hand made by veterans, the different types of poppies available How and the money raised from their sales is used by the British Legion to support our injured veterans and their families today.

The sessions, led by a team of ex-military professionals, aim to improve children's behaviour, attendance, mindfulness, health and well being, resilience and respect.

MSE has been delivering these assemblies in schools across Wirral and Liverpool all week.

Tom Tranfield, who took the session at Leasowe Primary, told the Globe: "Problem solving via how we can can stop conflict with one another The assembly coincides with Ofsteds requirement for schools to teach British Values across the country.

"I explained that there are also different types of poppies for remembrance day that a lot of people are not aware of such as the Purple poppy.

"This is in remembrance of all of the animals that lost their lives - From carrier pigeons carrying top secret messages back to London from the battlefield, to horses and donkeys carrying vital equipment as well as wealthy officers to dogs which were used as guard dogs to alert the soldiers, and how till this day animals are still used to help our soldiers and emergency services.

Headteacher Katy Bird said: "A huge thank you to Military Style Education for delivering a Remembrance Day assembly this morning.

"We all learnt so much and we were able to take the time to remember, reflect and respect. 

"Tommy (the director of MSE) even stayed to hand out our Leasowe Leader Awards."