RESIDENTS of a Wirral village have raised concerns over a spate of anti-social behaviour attacks in the area.

Irby has been subject to many incidents over the last few months including an arson attack on an outbuilding in Irby Park and car windows being smashed in Heathbank Avenue.

Last week parents were shocked to discover drugs packets, vomit and smashed Lambrini bottles sprawled across the floor of a gated children’s play area in Irby Park.

Under the children’s swings, tarmac has also been picked out of the floor.

The Park was later cleaned up by Conservative councillor for Greasby, Frankby and Irby Wendy Clements and residents Wendy Poole and Suzanne Middleton.

A local householder who wishes to remain anonymous said: "This used to be a lovely play area for the kids, but sadly its currently not safe for children.

"After this incident there was smashed glass all over the floor, vomit, vandalism to the safety flooring under the swings.

"There were also at least three Lambrini bottles smashed all over the play area and smashed half vodka bottles.

"We've even found empty small plastic drugs bags in the area."

Wirral Globe:

The tarmac underneath the Irby Park swings

Concerned locals have now set up a Neighbourhood Watch to try and quell the activity and will have their first meeting at the Irby Club tomorrow (Thursday) from 7pm.

Cllr Clements has also pledged to help residents put an end to the anti-social behaviour in the area, she told the Globe: “It would be all too easy to be depressed by the state of the park on Sunday, and the fire two weeks before, but I take encouragement from the proactive local people like Wendy and Suzanne who stepped in to clear and tidy the play area.

“As always, the minority who cause problems in the park are far outweighed by those who care and will take action.

“That’s why I welcome the new Neighbourhood Watch group, as a brilliant example of what can be done when we all work together.

“Of course, this is a council facility and it is disturbing to be told by local people that they repeatedly asked the council to padlock the gate in the railings by which vandals had previously gained entry to the outbuilding.

“The gate HAS now been closed and padlocked – after the destruction of the building and its contents.

“The lack of effective action has cost the council far more in the long run as well as disruption and loss for regular users.

“What we need now is support from all the relevant agencies to find something better for these young people to do than cause havoc and destruction.

“I do encourage everyone to report any anti-social behaviour when it occurs.

“This will help to build a picture of the true scale (or not) of the problem and assist in getting more resources to deal with it.”

To report anti-social behaviour call 101 or 999 in an emergency.