WE all enjoy freedoms to go about our lives and enjoy the amenities that are around us.

Imagine if we all were to call for the ban of things we did not approve of or did not participate in and how poorer our society would be.

We have won our civil liberties over many centuries and unfortunately they are taken for granted.

The erosion of our freedoms is constantly taking place and are under constant threat from those who govern us, be it nationally or locally.

I do not participate in motor camping but as far as I can see, the camper vans are not creating any harm to our community or its amenities.

The owners have spent time and money in getting here and will undoubtedly spread the word that New Brighton is a desirable place to come to and spend time in.

Instead of banning them let us encourage the council to promote New Brighton and Wirral and seek to make a warm welcome to its visitors regardless of how they get here or their chosen accommodation.

N H Smale by email.