A WIRRAL consumer campaigner hopes to get answers from the Government six months after the New Ferry explosion.

Ian Walker from Rock Ferry began 'The Moaning Bible' in an attempt to give a voice to the people to air their issues but has now began a side project to help the people of New Ferry.

He is also planning to travel to London to hand deliver a letter to Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid asking him to reconsider his decision.

In a recent segment called ‘Whinge of the Week’ Ian spoke to the founders of New Beginnings who are helping residents who were affected by the blast.

Founders Lisa and Barb told Ian: “We’ve had a lot of varied people, some who have had insurance, some who haven’t, some who needed emotional support it’s varied.

“There absolutely should be more support, it’s been six months and people only have support from ourselves, the council have been absolutely fantastic and our local MPs and councillors in an attempt to lobby the Government.”

Ian is also allowing the residents to put across their stories as part of a ‘Mini Moans’ segment which will also be video recorded.

Ian told the Globe: “I’ve been running The Moaning Bible for two years and it’s all about standing up for people’s rights.

“It’s disgraceful what has happened in New Ferry, I’ve been documenting people’s lives and inside the homes of those who are most damaged and inside the properties that are going to be demolished.

“I want to get people’s voices heard publicly and put what has happened in the spotlight.

“I said if the video got more than 10,000 hits I’d go down to see Sajid Javid, Theresa May and Jake Berry – have a meeting and/or hand deliver a letter to ask them why they are not providing help.

“People’s emotions have been brushed aside and the fact that there are so many meetings ‘in secret’ it’s a disgrace and New Ferry can’t be forgotten.

“What I don’t get is how the Government can spend £60million on regenerating Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament but not give a penny to New Ferry.

“It’s an absolute disgrace.

“This event will be remembered for a very long time, everyone says they never thought that this would happen to them.

“One couple say their life savings have gone into repairing their home. It’s really emotional and when there’s hurtful and judgemental comments online it hurts.”