WIRRAL charity Mind on Music has finished its first month on the road to highlight how music can help well-being.

The charity, run by jazz singer Bexi Owen from Upton hopes to help promote health and wellbeing through music.

Bexi began Mind On Music after running a dementia project called Forget Me Never for two years.

The charity uses classic songs for those living with dementia in order to engage them socially and stimulate memories.

They also run singing for mindfulness workshops to help with anxiety and depression.

Next year, Bexi will travel across the UK to raise awareness of hidden chronic illnesses and how music can help wellbeing.

Beginning the tour at Arrowe Park Hospital last month, Bexi has recently completed the last North West date in Cumbria.

She will now be moving on to the North East for the next stage performing and running workshops across different counties.

Bexi told the Globe: "I started a charity earlier this year called Mind on Music to share how beneficial music and sound can be for everyone and particularly those with chronic illness.

"I'm so excited to now be taking this work to as many people as I can reach across the UK."

For more information on Mind on Music visit www.mindonmusicuk.wordpress.com or call Bexi on 0793 405 6893.