RADIO Merseyside presenter Frankie Connor will launch his latest CD in New Brighton this weekend.

He will perform a short acoustic set from Our Country Boy (Has Gone Home) during a lunchtime signing session at Literally Books in Atherton Street, New Brighton on Saturday afternoon.

It is his self-penned, musical tribute to friend and colleague, the late country singer and DJ Kenny Johnson, who died in 2015. 

The album was recorded at Gary Murphy's GM Studios in Wirral.

Frankie told me: "The CD is dedicated to my late, great mate and fellow musician and broadcaster Kenny Johnson.

"I will be singing that track and also the song about my brother Freddie called It All Came Tumbling Down.

"It's a chance to meet all the Wirral Globe readers who have supported me."

Frankie, who is a member of '60s band The Hideaways, is also celebrating twenty years with BBC Radio Merseyside.

Proceeds from the album will go to animal charities.

Paying tribute to Kenny, Frankie told the Globe recently: "Kenny was a true pal to me.

"He once confronted some lads from robbing my guitar back in 1964 when I was just 17 years-old.

"I was later lucky to work alongside him.

"I spoke at his funeral and now I have finally got round to putting my own heart-felt admiration for this great guy on record.

"I also felt that Kenny, who spent 40 years presenting his nationally acclaimed Sounds Country programme on BBC Merseyside, never got the success he deserved with his groups The Hillsiders and later Northwind.

"I joined Radio Merseyside 20 years ago and the first person to wish me well was Kenny.

"He was a local legend and was loved on both sides of the Mersey."

Meet Frankie Connor at Literally Books takes place on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm Literally Books, 12 Atherton Street, New Brighton.

Admission free.