A WIRRAL woman has described her shock after she stumbled on a giant jellyfish on Leasowe shore.

Rachel Sutherland, 21, from West Kirby stumbled upon the jellyfish while cycling near to the lighthouse on Saturday with her boyfriend Max.

Rachel told the Globe: “My boyfriend and I were on a bike ride from West Kirby to Moreton and we noticed something in the water that caught our eye.

“At first it looked like a plastic bag because of the blue colouring but we got off our bikes to have a closer look.

Wirral Globe:

“I couldn’t tell if it was dead or alive – if it was it was barely alive.

“It was just funny because I’ve only got back from living in Spain for five months so it was just a bit random seeing something floating around.

“It looks alien-like - it was so freaky.”

The journalism student took a photograph of the jellyfish which spanned around 50cm with long tentacles.

The jellyfish is similar to a rhizostoma pulmo also known as the barrel or football jellyfish which was discovered six years ago in New Brighton.

They are fairly common in the Irish Sea and western parts of the UK and Britain’s biggest species of jellyfish sometimes measuring two metres wide.