A SEVERE weather warning for rain has been forecast for Merseyside.

From 12am on Wednesday scattered thunderstorms and intense showers are expected throughout the day until 8pm.

Although a weather warning has been announced temperatures are set to reach a high of 22 degrees. 

Severe storms are expected to break out on Wednesday afternoon with them appearing across central and eastern parts of England.

Many places may miss the thunderstorms but there is a chance of localised flooding of homes, businesses and roads.

Spells of lightning may disrupt power networks and large hail may also be a hazard on Wednesday afternoon.

The Met Office's chief forecaster's assessment said: "Although many places are likely to miss the worst of the rain, intense downpours associated with the thunderstorms may give over 30mm in an hour very locally and perhaps 50mm in two or three hours.

"As is usual in this type of situation there is considerable uncertainty in the areas that are most likely to be affected."