He is better known as a former national newspaper editor turned TV presenter and author but Andrew Marr likes to call himself a ‘’elderly amateur painter.’’

The Glasgow-born leading political commentator is more than that – he is an inspiration.

And his art from the heart speaks volumes.

In 2013, Andrew suffered a major stroke.

He had previously been a self-confessed ‘Sunday painter’. So he returned to the canvas following his illness and has since produced a collection of work that is outstanding in its range and ambition.

The sense of colour hits you the moment you enter the welcoming white-roomed Corke Gallery in Aigburth, South Liverpool.

Strokes of Colour features more than 108 oil paintings completed over the last three years.

Happily Andrew returned to the canvas after his stroke and has created a vast array of work that is personal - influenced by the mainstream Scottish and English abstract tradition of the past few decades.

He used to enjoy landscapes but his disability has made painting outdoors almost impossible. There is one wonderful landscape from 2007 called Happy Day – East Devon and you can almost smell the lush greenery.

This first public show is, he says, about ‘’being alive and the brevity and the beauty of it.’’

Yet the sense of fun, optimism and reflections on his life shine from every work.

It is a brave achievement  – a brave exhibition.

Most titles are self-explanatory Falling and Keeping our Balance about the aftermath of the stroke.

Parliament of Birds, A Camden Walk and Bonfire Night on Primrose Hill, fill up the senses with his love of London.

His tribute to the four seasons are delightful - individually and collectively.

The simplicity of Three Graces and the joy of the uplifting Mersey Moon Rocket will make you smile.

At the opening, Andrew who is 58 next month, talked about the series of three pictures relating to Falling in which he was given guidance to get on his feet again – literally.

Proceeds from the paintings (he has already sold more than 30) will go to ARNI -  the brilliant organisation that helps stroke victims  and families.

This  painter has also had success with his book A Short History of Drawing. His next published work is A Short History of Painting. A must for any amateur artist as is this stunning exhibition.

The slick Corke catalogue is an excellent keepsake, too, A Short History indeed of Andrew’s journey, love of life and determination.

Strokes of Colours

Striking and Stirring until July 21.