WIRRAL RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes is back for a new series of The Dog Rescuers on Channel 5.

The show features incredible dog rescues, miraculous recoveries and, of course, heart-warming rehomes.

During the series viewers will follow the familiar faces of the RSPCA’s finest plus some new friends as they continue their crusade against cruelty and neglect of dogs.

On the first episode Merseyside Police ask for assistance from the RSPCA after forcing entry to a property where they suspect someone has died.

Inside Anthony finds an elderly Collie cross called Timmy sat on a sofa surrounded by rubbish and faeces in a house in Wallasey.

Timmy's face has a tumour the size of an orange and Anthony takes Timmy to Upton Veterinary Surgery where vet Hollie Jones gives the dog the urgent medical help he needs.

Wirral Globe:

Timmy when he was discovered by inspector Anthony Joynes

Anthony told the Globe: "The case of Timmy was just heartbreaking.

"I remember seeing him for the first time sat on that sofa surrounded by mess, faeces and rotten food with flies swirling around him."

But Timmy's luck is in as the tumour hasn't spread and after surgery he manages to find a new owner and with that comes a forever home.

Anthony added: "I remember just instinctively wanting to get him away to safety but at the same time considering that the outcome may not be a positive one for him considering the large tumour hanging from his face but against all odds he made it and is now living with his new family which is just amazing."

Returning host Alan Davies said: "Poor Timmy was in a terrible state.

"The dogs never know at first what an angel of mercy Anthony is but he, and his colleagues, are always so determined and so kind."

The Dog Rescuers will air on Tueday, June 27 at 8pm.