A FAMILY of yorkshire terriers are looking for a forever home this Father's Day.

Mum Thora and yorkshire terrier crosses dad Orton and their 18-month old daughter Nanny found themselves homeless after their owner could no longer look after them.

This is the first time in many years that a family of three tiny terriers has been handed to the Dogs Trust Huyton rehoming centre.

The team are now looking for a family of dog lovers with children 14 and over to give the family their new forever home.

Dogs Trust Merseyside manager Georgina Lowery said: “They have come from such a loving home and they are definitely a very close family with dad taking the lead and Thora and Nanny never being very far behind.

“They are keeping each other company and are slowly finding their paws. Now we need a loving human family to come along and decide they’d be a great addition to their household.

“They are absolutely adorable and it would be wonderful if the weekend when the love of family is celebrated proves lucky for them and they meet their own new forever family.”

Thora, Orton and Nanny are used to having people around most of the day and they would like to not to be left home alone, especially while they settle into family life again.

If you think this terrier trio is the perfect addition to your family please call 0300 303 0292 or visit Dogs Trust Merseyside at Whiston Lane, Huyton, L36 6HP.

For more information visit: www.dogstrust.org.uk