THE frantic owner of a dog that has been missing for more than three weeks hope Globe readers can join in the search for him.

La Letun, a Romanian rescue dog thought to be spaniel/Jack Russell cross, was taken in by his current owner last month.

Bur while out on a walk in Arrowe County Park on April 24, he was startled and snapped his retractable lead before running off.

The last time he was spotted was in nearby Landican Cemetery.

In an appeal to Globe readers Liz Sanrior, a friend of the owner, said: "He is a very timid dog and something had obviously spooked him on the day he ran off.

"We were so close to catching him on day and had gone home for another lead. But by the time we got back to Landican, he had gone.

"We've put posters up all over Wirral and as far as Ellesmere Port.

"If you see him, stay away and watch from a distance.

"The owner has had dogs all his life and had recently lost his previous one.

"If you see him, call us on this number 07711 117622".