A CONVICTED arsonist who tortured a dog in a "stomach-churning" act of cruelty that led to its horrific death was given a jail sentence and  banned from keeping animals for life.

Jamie Weir pleaded guilty to torturing Jack, a crossbreed Staffordshire bull terrier, by hanging him by his collar, stabbing him and burning him alive on November 18, 2015.

The 21-year-old, of Home Farm Road in Woodchurch, received a 24-week prison sentence to run consecutively to a four-year prison term he is currently serving for setting fire to his rented home in December 2015.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £536 and a victim surcharge of £115 on release from prison.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting, told court that on November 18, 2015, RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes received a report of a half-buried dog in a garden in Corbyn Street, Wallasey, and visited the property to investigate.

The house was strewn with rubbish, the kitchen window had been smashed and there was a smell of ammonia.

Jack's blood was found on walls in the house, on a radiator and by a door.

A post-mortem showed Jack - who belonged to Jamie's then-girlfriend's mum - had horrific injuries to his body indicating he had been subject to sustained attacks and torture.

Inspector Joynes said: "Weir admitted to beating him with a stick and hanging him from his collar on a coat hook on the wall, where he was then stabbed numerous times.

"It is likely that the dog was dying, but was still alive.

"He was then taken out into the garden and set on fire before being hastily buried.

"In interview, Weir admitted he had carried out this horrific act as he had never liked the dog."

The court was told Weir's then-girlfriend had also been involved in the attack and is due to appear at magistrates court in May.

Her mother, Lisa Hurst, was banned from keeping animals for life in November after pleading guilty to failing to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to an animal.

But she had no part in the death.

Inspector Joynes said: "It is sickening to think what Jack went through - it is completely stomach-churning.

"He was tormented and tortured to death in the worst imaginable way.

"There was no way Jack could have escaped from this horrific act of cruelty - he stood no chance.

"Jack would have been terrified and in so much pain.

"It is absolutely horrific want he went through and it still sickens me today".

Chair of the bench Jane Kemp told Weir, who appeared in court via videolink from Walton Prison during today's hearing: “This offence was so severe that only custody is applicable.

"You knowingly caused Jack extreme pain and then proceeded to burn it."

Defending solicitor Kirsty Ruddin said: “Mr Weir when interviewed in March was fully co-operative and made some admissions.

“He has in the past been diagnosed with learning difficulties, ADHD and autism.

“With regard to the current proceedings, he was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment and this offence crosses over.

“He is fully expecting custody and I would hope that given his mental health and guilty plea you would give him a concurrent sentence.”