IT'S great to see Mersey Poet Brian Patten's much-loved work adapted for the Everyman's new Rep company.

It's 50 years since the publication of the mould-breaking, inspirational Mersey Sound.

I never wanted to be a Beatle - I  wanted to be a Mersey Poet.

His words, like those of messrs Henri and McGough, are his legacy.

Brian is the Bootle-born bard who gave us such classics as The Minister for exams.

He has always been an 'imagineer'.

He is also one of the great childrens' writers - long may he 'gargle with jelly'.

Now Lindsay Rodden has adapted the classic The Story Giant

Matt Rutter directs while Patrick Dineen composes the atmospheric music

The design team has gone for a huge tree, surrounded by stepping stones and books.

It is a stark backdrop to this tale of the Story Giant (played by Richard Bremner) who is looking for that elusive tale he hasn't heard before.

Four children from the corners of the world step out of their dreams to help him.

And we are treated to some of Brian's favourite tales from Hassan (Tom Kanji), Rani (Asha Kingsley), Liam (Elliott Kinglsey) and Betts (Melamie La Barrie) delivering the diverse timeless stories.

The child in me (six going on 60) wanted a taller giant  ... stilts even.

But at the end of the day this is a play about the magic of words, the pulling power of stories, the liberation of the spirit.

The Story Giant is the third of the five Rep shows.

It is somethng of a learning curve for the Everyman - a play for children six years and upwards.

It's definitely not panto.

In a high-tech age where children are hostage to mobiles, computer games and I-pads it is encouraging to see a theatre full of children ... listening along with their parents and teachers.

Welcome Everyman youngsters - you are the theatre-goers of tomorrow.

A big thank you to Brian and the Story Giant for helping them along the way.

Oh and last word goes to me.

Brian saw the production himself before he went home to write more stories in Devon and he gave it his blessing.

Four stars - educating Everyman!

The show ends on April 29.

Tickets from the box office on 051 709 4776.