A FUNDRAISING website has been set up to help a Wirral toddler fighting a rare cancer get alterations for her home.

Harper Worsley, 2, from Eastham, has been fighting the aggressive cancer called dedifferentiated chordoma at Alder Hey children’s hospital since November.

Mum Stacey Byrne has never left her side despite giving birth to Harper’s younger brother Mikey-Lee.

Chordoma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the bones of the skull and spine they are usually slow growing but tend to return after treatment as they are difficult to treat and require specialised care.

According to Stacey, Harper is the only person to have had this type of rare cancer and with her tumour being at the top of her spinal cord there is no-one else to compare her treatment with.

Family friend Chelsea Phoenix, 28, said: “Harper had been ill for a while and her mum had been in and out of the doctors with her last year but they couldn’t work out what was wrong with her.

“In November she collapsed and was taken straight to Arrowe Park were they did some tests and found a tumour.

“She underwent a biopsy and they discovered it was cancer but the one that Harper has there is only a five to 10 per cent survival rate, she’s been responding really well to treatment though and every obstacle she has overcome.

“She’s currently in a neck brace because she has a loss of movement in the lower neck and back – she’s slowly getting her movement back but she is in a wheelchair now.

“We’re trying to help the family make life changing adaptations to their home, there is only so much that the council can provide for the family.

“Stacey really wants the whole family to be back under one roof too because they’re all split between family members while she’s in hospital with Harper.

“It’s also important that the family can bond with the new baby as it’s been really difficult to do this being in and out of hospital.

“The funding will even help keep Harper at home, even if it’s just for a few hours at least.

“This has just rocked their whole world.

“We’re all doing as much as we can to raise awareness and offer our support for them.

“Harper is so good, she doesn’t even complain she just gets on with it.

“We just want to get the word out there, if anyone can help, not just with money – ideas or willing to help with anything we really appreciate it.

“We want to spread awareness.”

For more information on how to donate visit https://www.gofundme.com/help-harper-get-home