A major commitment has been secured from a national cash machine network to protect Birkenhead residents from being "ripped off" when they take out money from an ATM.

Frank Field's campaign against cash machine charges over the past two years has already seen a raft of new devices installed that operate on a free-to-use basis.

In December he wrote to LINK with a further list of "hot spots" in Birkenhead - where people are likely to be charged up to £1.95 to withdraw cash - and asked whether these sites might be prioritised for free-to-use machines.

Having followed up on his concerns, LINK acknowledged that residents in Duke Street, Conway Street, and Derby Road are most likely to find it difficult to avoid being charged.

It found that "local issues such as the mobility of certain pockets of residents, geography, and a diversity in the safety and security of certain roads, means that in these three cases consumers may be unlikely to use nearby free-to-use ATMs".

LINK has now pledged to follow up with cash machine operators in and around these three sites so a programme can be undertaken to improve access to free machines.

Mr Field said: "The commitment LINK has given Birkenhead will help residents save those vital few pounds and pence every week which, over time, add up to a hefty sum.

"This is another hugely welcome victory for hard-up families against rip-off Britain."