A MERSEYSIDE band were delighted when a Liverpool legend joined them on stage over the weekend.

Freak out disco band shared the stage with John Barnes who gave his rendition of ‘Rappers Delight’.

In the video sent to The Globe, you can see how the former football star seems to be word perfect.

The footage was captured during a gig the band were holding at Heswall British Legion Club as part of the club’s ‘nostalgia 70’s night’.

The band’s guitarist Karl Owens said: “The audience were great all night even from the first song.

“When John got up the audience went into overdrive, it took the atmosphere through the roof.”

The band were aware John would be attending they did not know he would join them on stage.

A fan took to the band’s Facebook page to congratulate them on such a good evening.

User Debbie Da Forno said: “Great night at the Heswall Legion last night- you guys were amazing. Dance floor packed from first song- well done xx”

It looks like the former England International is no stranger to karaoke, as earlier on in the week he has sent a tweet hinting at his performance.

The tweet read: “Looking forward to the 70's nostalgia night in Heswall. May give my favourite performance of rappers delight!”

Freak Out Disco Band will be playing at the Royal Oak, Bromborough this Friday March 11.