A WALLASEY mum is celebrating after publishing her fifth novel through Amazon.

Bev Dulson, 36 has been writing since she was 16 years old, twenty years on she has five books under her belt and a steady readership.

Her latest novel ‘Read all about it’ is set locally, covering parts of both Liverpool and New Brighton.

She said: “I grab inspiration from wherever I can, this latest book came from my fascination with the Titanic.

“People really seem to love the local angles.”

The plot of this novel, which took one year to complete, centres on a Hollywood actor and a journalist living in Liverpool.

It follows journalist Francesca Fox as she tries to uncover actor Luke Dane’s secret to secure her a big scoop.

She added: “The type of personality I have, is that I am very creative, I see writing as a creative outlet.”

Occasionally drawing on her own life, Bev admits that there are little ‘Bevisms’ in every book.

30 James Street and the Lighthouse in New Brighton are a couple of the places which feature in the novel.

Her other work includes murder mysteries and romance novels with Bev explaining how she looks to her favourite authors for inspiration.

“I actually got a tweet from Jackie Collins, she was one of my favourite authors, so to receive advice from her to keep going really helped.” Explained the mum of two.

Her books sell two to five hundred copies a month, through amazon's kindle downloads.

This success has led to some negative comments, which Bev insisted can be hurtful.

“I know I won’t please everyone, but I try not to get hung up about the negative comments- there are more positive ones to read.” continued Bev.

Working as an administrator during the week, writing is an addiction for Bev, as she describes it as a “release of creativity”

She finished: “It is a case of continuing to push it, I would love to get an agent and progress further but if I don’t , it won’t stop me writing.

“Even if no-one was reading my work, or even just one person I wouldn’t stop- I just love writing.”

“I am lucky to have not one but two jobs that I absolutely love.”

Read all about it can be purchased through Amazon.co.uk searching ‘Bev Dulson’