People-power can help create a cleaner, greener Wirral, says a new report.

Wirral Council’s cabinet is set to approve a new environment strategy for the borough that puts community ownership and involvement at the heart of a drive to create more attractive neighbourhoods and public spaces.

A recent residents’ survey confirmed street cleanliness remains a major priority for many people.

The local authority has made a pledge to create an attractive local environment by 2020.

The new strategy sets out how the council intends to deliver on that promise.

Councillor Bernie Mooney, cabinet member for environmental protection, said: “The residents that I meet all tell me how much they love where they live – they are really proud and will do whatever it takes to look after their surroundings.

“The council quite rightly shoulders a lot of the burden when it comes to protecting the local environment and we take those responsibilities very seriously.

"However, we know that people want to support us to do that in practical ways, within their own neighbourhoods, so we are determined to do more to tap into that passion and enthusiasm."

“We have already made a lot of progress on many environmental issues, particular with the success of our zero tolerance approach to litter enforcement, but this strategy formalises our plans to build on that over the next few years working in partnership with other organisations, volunteer groups and individual residents.”

Providing more support and encouragement to volunteers to "Love Where You Live" is one of the four priorities set out in the strategy.

The others are ‘driving behaviour change’, ‘put resources where they are needed’ and ‘tackle untidy land’.

The factor that links all four is a stronger and closer relationship with communities to improve the local environment.

Councillor Mooney added: “We are fortunate in that we are building from a position of strength in Wirral.

"We already have effective partnerships in place with many groups and from the Residents Survey we know there is an appetite for improving the environment.

“With this strategy, by 2020 Wirral’s environment will be upheld as outstanding, with local people and businesses involved in the management of their location and taking personal responsibility for protecting the environment.”