A WIRRAL teenager honoured for tireless campaigns on issues affecting young deaf people is in the running for Cheshire Woman Of The Year.

Careworker Bethany Eason, 18, will find out who the recipient is during a special luncheon at the Duke and Duchess of Westminster's home on April 27.

She told the Globe today: "I am absolutely made up that I have been nominated for Cheshire Woman Of The Year 2016.

"I can't believe it, when I got the letter I was made up!

"I'm very much looking forward to the event it will be amazing."

Bethany has been an active member of the National Deaf Children's Society, sitting on its youth advisory board.

She has also been prominent in a campaign which drew attention to unfairness of changes in the Disability Living Allowance.

Beth's campaigning has earned many accolades, including two humanitarian citizen awards from the Red Cross.

And last year she was received the Princess Diana Trust award for most courageous Citizen.

Bethany said: "I am proud to be deaf and I love being involved in working with deaf young people and campaigning and fighting for rights, it's so important that we do it.

"I've recently just started a new job at Charlotte House Care Home and I thought I would struggle to fit in and for people to understand my deafness, but it seems that my work I'm putting into the community locally and nationally makes all the difference."

Last year, she joined the Duke of Cambridge for the launch of an anti-bullying campaign.

She was among a young group who spent time with Prince William when he visited Bourneville College in Birmingham to see how people tackle identity-based bullying in our schools and communities.

The Duke was presented with five social action projects all of which had the goal of reducing bullying both on and offline and to provide support to those suffering its negative consequences.

After receiving the Diana Award last year, Bethany said: "Deafness is classed as a hidden disability, but as far as I'm concerned it is not a disability.

"It's not a disability unless you let it be a disability.

"Deaf people should not have to fit in to society; society should fit in around deaf people."