YOU 'aint seen or heard nothing quite like Avenue Q.

It is outstanding - an exceptional production providing sparkling entertainment.

There is a caution on the poster that warns "not suitable for little monsters."

Grown-ups have loved this show since it was launched in 2002.

A monster smash ever since as this touring version proves the puppets and puppeteers work side-by-side on stage.

A New York backdrop is clever and striming and the band is faultless.

Audiences focus on the cute puppets who tackle various adult issues through wonderfully witty songs and fun filled choreography.

Inspired by Sesame Street and The Muppets this international stage show is simply marvelous.

The adorable puppets talk about sex, racism, homelessness, drink and love.

Wirral Globe:

Jessica Parker and Stephen Arden in Avenue Q

The show is packed with risque dialgue, melodious tunes and no-holds-barred lyrics.

The residents of Avenue Q make you smile as you sit open-mouthed as they relish this "dirty little show" as its New York creators gleefully call this hilarious, unique piece of puppet-based theatre.

Director Cressida Carre and her 11-strong cast are streets ahead of any puppet show I have ever seen.

A standing ovation said it all for this delightful ensemble experience.

The show is on at the Liverpool Empire until Saturday.

Five Stars

Outstanding entertainment - with no strings attached.

Tickets are from the box office on 0844 8713017.