Merseyside celebrated the life of one of its favourite sons on Friday evening at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral.

A singer-songwriter who loved his home city.

Colin Vearncombe - aka Black - died after a car crash last month.

He once wrote a song about his birthplace called "All We Need is the Money."

The 53-year-old musician who launched his international career with the classic "Wonderful Life" was in the West of Ireland where he lived when the tragedy occured.

Sixteen days later he was gone.

Family, friends, fans and a "'who's-who" of Merseyside musicians came together for the memorial service and celebration of Colin's life.

Ian Prowse and Ian McNabb sat next to BBC2 broadcaster Janice Long.

Thomas Lang and Garry Christian also saluted their old friend.

They joined members of the public to pay dignified but joyous respect to Colin.

A eulogy by his father Alan brought tears to many.

When Alan looked up at a huge photograph of his son, he concluded his speech with the touching comment: "A wonderful man."

Songs composed by Colin were sung by his wife Camilla Griehsel Vearncombe and son Max on Colin's "Fly Up To The Moon."

His touring partner Callum MacColl sang Colin's beautiful composition "In A Heartbeat".

The congregation joined in Jerusalem and another anthem closer to home "You'll Never Walk Alone."

A home movie showed family man Colin in a snowball fight, along with scenes of him laughing and joking.

The most poignant sequence saw him walking down a road with his guitar in hand.

His beautiful, timeless classic "Wonderful Life" featuring his gentle and spiritual vocals brought more tears.

But for tonight at least, we all tried hard to put sadness and sorrow aside.

Colin, who part-filmed his Wonderful Life video at New Brighton, would have wanted that.

This was a celebration of home-grown talent.

A memorial that will stay with so many people for a long time to come.

BBC Radio Merseyside's Billy Butler told the Globe: "Colin would have said 'I don't deserve this.'

"This was the most affectionate, loving tribute I have ever been to."

I agree.

His legacy is his great family and his timeless music.

He made the most of his own wonderful life.

And he was taken from us far too early.

In my view he touched - and will continue to touch through his songs - so many people he never met but who found a resonance in his words and music that will live on for decades to come.

He tugged at our heart strings.

No need to laugh or cry.

It’s a wonderful, wonderful life.

Rest In Peace, Colin.