WIRRAL University Hospital Trust is among the top three in England for the number of frontline staff who have had the flu jab.

The latest figures by Public Health England reveal 79.1% of frontline staff at Wirral hospitals have had their jab, smashing the 75% national target.

In total 3592 frontline staff with direct contact with patients have come forward to have the vaccination.

The trust's chief executive David Allison was one of the early volunteers to get the flu jab.

He said: "I'm delighted that so many of our frontline staff have volunteered to have the flu jab, to help prevent the spread of flu to patients.

"If we can keep our staff healthy, we can achieve the aim of preventing flu spreading to those we are caring for.

"It is important as the flu can severely impact on the existing conditions of patients.

"We aim to ensure the best quality care for patients so it is rewarding to see our staff sharing the same vision that if we can keep our workforce as healthy as possible from flu, then we can improve the care for our patients.

"There is also the secondary benefit that if staff remain fit and healthy, there is less sickness absence, which again can only benefit our patients.”