A TEAM of eating disorder specialists have launched a new website providing information about the condition.

The site - CreatingHopeTogether.com - has been developed by clinical experts in Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust’s Eating Disorder Service and includes several inventive and creative features designed to support people with an eating disorder.

Dr Matthew Cahill, consultant psychiatrist in eating disorders, said: “Eating disorders can often take over entire lives, and the lives of those close to the sufferer.

“More often than not, the things that were previously very important to the sufferer such as family, friends, hobbies, school or work get neglected as the eating disorder takes over.

“CreatingHopeTogether.com contains clear information that will help visitors understand what they or their loved ones are going through while also providing valuable and innovative resources that can help people begin their journey to recovery.”

The website contains information such as a dedicated ‘Cook-Along’ video page to help the viewer plan and prepare nutritional meals, with advice around how to reduce anxiety when preparing and eating food.

It also holds online resources for sufferers, their families, healthcare professionals and the wider general public.

The launch of the site coincides with national Eating Disorder Awareness Week which runs from February 21.

Studies show more than 1.6m people in the UK are estimated to be directly affected by eating disorders.

They have the highest mortality rates among psychiatric disorders.

Eating disorders are believed to cost health services in England between £80m to £100m with overall economic cost likely to be more than £1.26 billion per year.

Visit www.creatinghopetogether.com