A NEW patient satisfaction survey has revealed the best and worst surgeries in Wirral.

Grove Road Surgery in Wallasey tops the happiness rating after 100 per cent of patients surveyed said they had a 'good' experience making it one of the best GP surgeries in the country.

Collectively, 90 per cent of residents rated Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group’s surgeries as good – above the national rate of 85 per cent.

The England-wide survey provides practice-level data about patient experiences of their GP practices, measuring their experiences of waiting times, care quality, opening times, making appointments and out of hours services.

Egremont Medical Centre was rated as the best when it came to ease of getting through to a GP surgery on the phone while Eastham Group Practice came bottom of the list with a satisfaction score of 48 per cent.

Waiting times were also above the national average of 58 per cent with 62 per cent of patients in Wirral stating they did not have to wait that long to be seen at their surgery.

The following surgeries achieved patient satisfaction ratings above or at the national average:

Grove Road Surgery 100%

Prenton Medical Centre 99%

Church Road Medical Practice 98%

Allport Medical Centre 97%

Mantgani and Partners 97%

Riverside Surgery 97%

Hoylake Road Medical Centre 97%

Vittoria Medical Centre 97%

Manor Health Centre 96%

TG Medical Centre 96%

Claughton Medical Centre 96%

Civic Medical Centre 95%

Hamilton Medical Centre 95%

Holmlands Medical Centre 95%

Egremont Medical Centre 95%

Spital Surgery 94%

Parkfield Medical Centre 94%

St Hilary Group Practice 94%

The Village Medical Centre 94%

Devaney Medical Centre 93%

Cavendish Medical Centre 93%

Moreton health centre 93%

Field Road Health Centre 93%

Liscard Group Practice 93%

Commonfield Road Surgery 92%

St Georges Medical Centre 92%

Fender Way Health Centre 92%

Villa Medical Centre 91%

Somerville Medical Centre 91%

Victoria Park Practice 91%

Whetstone Lane Medical Centre 90%

Earlston and Seabank Medical Centre 90%

Teehey Lane Surgery 90%

West Wirral Group Practice 89%

Kings Lane Medical Practice 89%

Hoylake and Meols Medical Centre 89%

Upton Group Practice 88%

Heswall and Pensby Group Practice 88%

Greenway Surgery 88%

Blackheath Medical Centre 88%

Silverdale Medical Centre 88%

Gladstone Medical Centre 87%

Greasby Group Practice 87%

Central Park Medical Centre 87%

Heatherlands Medical Centre 86%

Parkfield Medical Centre 86%

Moreton Medical Centre 85%

The following surgeries scored patient satisfaction ratings below the national average:

Marine Lake Medical Practice 81%

Eastham Group practice 81%

Moreton Cross Group Practice 81%

Orchard Surgery 80%

Woodchurch Medical Centre 80%

Leasowe Primary Care Centre 79%

Townfield Health Centre 78%