WIRRAL Chamber of Commerce a partnership with the Isle of Man aimed at creating business and investment opportunities between the two areas.

A "Memorandum of Understanding" was signed by Wirral chamber chair Asif Hamid and Isle of Man Chamber president Micky Swindale.

It will enable both chambers to work together in the future to develop trade, investment and business links both in Wirral and on the island.

Mr Hamid said he was “delighted” to sign the partnership during a trip to the Isle of Mann last month.

He said: “We have been developing links between Wirral and the island for many months, and this work has culminated in our relationship strengthened through the MOU agreement.

“It will now enable both chambers to collaborate in many growth areas, such as business, economic development, education, civic and cultural links for the mutual benefit of our respective areas.”

Ms Swindale said: “We have been in contact with Wirral Chamber of Commerce for several years and they have been coming to the Isle of Man for three years now.

“There has been support on both sides to develop this relationship further, and today’s agreement provides a framework to do that by working together more proactively.

“Both the Isle of Man and Wirral have some very similar business interests, especially in the technology sector, and clearly Wirral’s proximity to the Isle of Man helps as well.

Wirral Council leader Phil Davies said there are a number of benefits created by the new partnership, adding: “Wirral is forging new relationships with businesses locally, nationally and internationally.”

Chamber chief executive Paula Basnett added: “The development of international trade is one of Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s key objectives.

"We will continue creating relationships with international organisations which bring benefits and opportunities for companies to do business together, and to make Wirral a key economic partner.”