A WIRRAL student has landed a role in new British feature film Love Type D alongside the son of heartthrob Colin Firth.

Eleven-year-old Samuel Jones has been involved with the romantic comedy since 2014 when he auditioned through his management company LHK Productions.

Following a call back, the Birkenhead School pupil got the part in the film, which also stars Colin Firth’s son Will in his film debut.

Though not a speak part, Samuel will play the sidekick of one of the main characters.

Samuel, who has spent a lot of time filming in the south of England, said: “Working on the film has been really fun, though you also have to do your job and be serious when you are on camera, otherwise you have to keep doing re-takes.”

The film is directed by Sasha Collington, who gained funding through a Kickstart Campaign which helps support independent creative projects.

“It has been a wild experience, amazing to see what it’s like behind the camera and then watch it on the monitor, going from real life to screen is really interesting,” said Samuel, who has been involved in drama for nearly two years after taking part in a school play.

He had an audition at the LHK Youth Theatre and has since played in their pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and has also played the part of Fizzy in a production of Bugsy Malone at the Liverpool Epstein Theatre.

Love Type D tells the story of a woman who has been dumped 11 times in a row - because she has a loser in love gene.