A "MORALLY bankrupt" Wirral teenager shared footage of himself having sex with a 15-year-old girl and while on bail viciously attacked another young man and promptly had sex with the victim’s girlfriend in a driveway.

A judge, who put Luke Patten, of Bridle Road, Eastham, behind bars for four and a half years, said: “I have been a lawyer and judge for more than 35 years. Rarely have I come across someone as morally bankrupt as you.”

He told 19-year-old bearded Patten, who showed no emotion, “You are a selfish, arrogant and vain individual…….for many years you have shown you care for no-one but yourself.”

Judge Steven Everett said that his parents “love you as a son but hate the individual you have become.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard that drunken Patten had consensual sex with the 15-year-old while holding a three-day party when his parents went away on holiday in August 2013.

She had drunk half a bottle of vodka and had no idea that Patten, then 17, pulled out his iPhone, filmed her from behind, and turned the camera to capture his grinning face as he stuck his tongue out.

David Polglase, prosecuting, said Patten, who had sex with several other girls at the party, sent the 28 second video to another girl, who put it on Facebook and ‘tagged’ the victim and another girl also shared the footage.

The victim was alerted to the clip while out shopping, but Facebook refused to remove it and the court heard that the devastated girl had been “desperately humiliated”. She has since changed her appearance and just wants her life to be normal again.

Patten later appeared in court for sentence and at the hearing in March last year, which was adjourned, he claimed he was going to behave himself and spoke of a moment of stupidity.

But Judge Everettt pointed out that he had not been contrite at all. “You have not changed, you may never change.”

Just six days after that court appearance, Patten ”tried it on” with a young woman as she was walking in Eastham on the Wirral along with her boyfriend and two other young men.

Although he knew she was in a relationship “you did not care because you think you are God’s gift to women,” said the judge.

When her boyfriend remonstrated with him he carried out “a serious and vicious attack on him. You punched him a number of times, he fell to the floor and when he tried to get up you told him to stay down, threatening you would do the same to his mother and sister.

“You kicked him repeatedly to the head and body and stamped on his head. Having left him for dead you took his girlfriend across the road and had sex with her… in the driveway of a house in the same street where your parents lived.”

Judge Everettt said, “You have just carried out a serious attack on a young man, whom you have left for dead, and what were you thinking? ‘I’m going to have sex with his girlfriend’.

“You were having sex when police and an ambulance turned up to take him away. You weren’t even aware of that.”

Patten had told the jurors that he had just been thinking about having sex with her and “I went home with a smile on my face.”

Patten denied two offences of raping the 17-year-old and one of sexual assault and was cleared by a jury who could not be sure she had not consented.

The court heard that her boyfriend suffered an eye injury, a heart monitor he had fitted had to be replaced in an operation and he has been left suffering post traumatic stress disorder.

The judge told Patten he was extremely fortunate he had not been charged with a more serious offence than assault and if he had been he would have received a sentence in double figures.

He warned him that that “with no understanding of much you must change, you will inevitably spend the rest of your life in custody for other offences.”

“You have used cannabis since you were 12, cocaine since you were 16 and rather too often you drink to excess.

“You have shown you care for nobody but yourself. Your behaviour has quite clearly had a seriously detrimental affect on many people who have been unfortunate enough to know you and come across you.”

Patten had pleaded guilty to sexual activity with the 15-year-old, taking an indecent photograph of a child and distributing it and assault causing actual bodily harm.

He was ordered to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for five year and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for the same period was also imposed.

Lee Bonner, defending, said that Patten had not intended that the video would be put o Facebook and was remorseful. He said Patten has anger management issues and suffers from depression and has twice attempted to take his own life.