WIRRAL highways authority is poised to back measures to clamp down on verge and pavement parking on a main road in West Wirral.

The £4,000 scheme will operate along the full length of Arrowe Road, Greasby - if approval is given by Wirral Council's Highways and Traffic Panel.

It was identified last October by Wirral West Constituency Committee as part of a prioritised list of schemes to be funded from a special budget for improving road safety.

Consultation letters were sent out to almost 120 properties affected by the proposals.

The council received one letter objecting to the restrictions.

Panel members will study a report next Friday which points out: "Footway pavements at this location are not constructed for vehicle to be parked on and this type of parking can potentially cause damage to underground services and obstruct the movement of pedestrians, prams and wheelchair users.

The report adds: "It is an offence to drive onto a footway that is not leading to a driveway or designated parking place.

"Although an individual may consider they are not causing a hazard by parking on the pavement it is still an offence under section 72 of the Highways Act 1835."

Elaborating on the risks involved the report observes: "Verge/footway parking not only spoils the visual appearance of the verge, it can also create significant hazards to other road users - in particular vulnerable pedestrians such as children, disabled people and the elderly.

"Furthermore damage to paving and grassed surfaces, underground services and drainage systems can result."

Panel members have been recommended to note the objection and to submit the parking restriction scheme to the appropriate council committee for approval and implementation.