WAR hero Tony Price can proudly display a row of World War Two medals on his chest ... 70 years after the end of the conflict.

It was only a chance visit to a jewellery shop that opened the channels for 91-year-old Tony to claim the campaign medals due to him for service in the Merchant Navy.

The New Ferry-born ex-serviceman had failed to apply for the campaign medals at the end of the war.

He explained: "I always expected that one day I would get round to it."

A visit to a jewellers in Birkenhead Market to buy some watch batteries finally jolted him into action.

He said: "An assistant in the shop was busy adjusting the ribbons on several medals and I observed that two of the medals - the 1939 to 1945 star and the Atlantic Start were in the group she handled.

"She explained that she was employed to fit the ribbons to the medal, as requested by customers. As a result of further conversation the shop manager confirmed it was not too late to apply and gave me the address to respond."

As a result five medals were despatched to Tony's home in Bromborough - The 1939-1945 Star; The Atlantic Star;, the Italy Star; The War Medal 1939-1945 and the France and German Bar and Rose Emblem.

A family party was held to jointly celebrate receipt of the medals, Tony's 91st birthday; wife Muriel's 90th and their 65th wedding anniversary.

Tony gained his Merchant Navy chiefs ticket at Southampton University and he and Muriel were married in the port. They have four children.

Tony served in the Atlantic, North Africa and Italy spheres of conflict before finally joining and American-built Liberty Ship on D-Day. He had previously joined the Malta convoys and the North Africa supply runs to Bizerta, Tunis and Algiers.

He recalled: "My Italian campaign ended with a run to Anzio beachhead, following which I cam into the English Channel theatre of war.

"When the war ended I joined the Blue Star line when I went to South America before joining the Cunard Line, serving on the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Mauritania and Aquitania."

Tony is still involved with the Bebington Old Boys Association and will be attending a reunion dinner in November.