A FIVE-year strategy aimed at reducing "green house" pollution and preparing Wirral to face up to climatic calamities is being studied by councillors.

Pollution cutting measures outlined in a lengthy report to councillors include making Wirral more energy efficient; using more fuel efficient vehicles and identifying potential sites for solar investment.

The Wirral Climate Change Group also advocate special measures to promote cycling and walking; the development of electric vehicles charging infrastructure and the uptake of alternatively-fuelled vehicles.

The group also wants to see more done to encourage the cultivation and consumption of local and seasonal produce and initiatives to reduce waste and encourage recycling.

Water savings practices and rainwater harvesting also also mentioned in a report to Wirral Council's regeneration and environmental policy and performance committee on Monday.

Wirral Council has a long held commitment to action on climate change. It recently signed up to the Local Government Association's Climate Local - a commitment to cutting emissions and adapting to unavoidable changes in climate.

The Wirral Climate Change Group is a partnership set up by Wirral Council to help co-ordinate climate action.

The group includes officers and elected members and representatives from various public bodies, community, voluntary and faith groups.

The council has set a target to reduce corporate carbon emissions by 60% by 2025.

Based on year-on-year reductions of 5% and associated investment in energy efficiency the potential savings over a period up to 2015 could be more than £1m.

The report carries a warning that without an effective up-to-date framework in place Wirral could lose out on opportunities associated with a low carbon economy.

And the peninsula could be ill-prepared to manage the risks associated with climate change and the consequences of more extreme weather.